Introducing the Stroller Buddy

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Your Solution for Blissful Nap Times!

Envision effortlessly reclaiming your freedom and accomplishing tasks while your little one peacefully dozes off. Your dream is now a reality with the Stroller Buddy—a game-changer in your parenting journey

See Stroller Buddy In Action:

Why Stroller Buddy?

Other Stroller Rockers

Other stroller "rockers" just vibrate the stroller


Stroller Buddy

Stroller Buddy gently rocks your baby

Introducing the Stroller Buddy—a true revolution in your naptime routine. Unlike other devices that shake your stroller, the Stroller Buddy offers a gentle rocking motion that lulls your baby to sleep and ensures longer, peaceful slumbers. It's the difference between a simple gadget and a soothing companion for both you and your little one

Are you tired of...

  • Struggling with the need for constant rocking during nap times?

  • Tired of disrupted nap times from noise or your baby's awake windows?

  • Frustrated with the inability to tackle tasks while your baby naps?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of nap time?

  • Yearning for the freedom to go out and enjoy activities?

"Let gentle, automatic rocking cradle your baby's stroller..."